Enviromental Health

Environmental exposure to potential toxic substances occurs every day through air, soil, or water contamination. The current research focuses on risks related to chemical, biological, and physics agents in the environment, the work place and the food chain. Methods for investigation and assessment of risks to human health have been evolving in the last few years.

During this five-day residential summer school, the students will be introduced to the various approaches used in risk assessment: exposure assessment, toxicology (the science of poisons) and epidemiology (the science of public health). Students will attend a series of lecture courses at an intermediate/advanced level. The students also participate in exercises, case studies and practical sessions under the guidance of the teacher.

Collaborations: ARPAE Emilia Romagna and Italian Network Environment and Health, Italian Ministry of Health (RIAS)


Study plan

  • The science of exposure in the 21st century: the role of the environmental in non-communicable disease – MED/09 – Marco Domenicali;
  • Principles and advances in exposure assessment; Principles and advances of epidemiologic studies and toxicological studies – MED/42 – Tony Fletcher;
  • Air Pollution: epidemiological studies on the health effects of air pollution; clinical and toxicological studies on the health effects of air pollution – CHIM/12 – Fabrizio Passarini;
  • Water contamination: epidemiological, clinical and toxicological studies on the health effects of water contamination – CHIM/11 – Fabio Fava;
  • Principles of Health Impact Assessment: epidemiological approach; toxicological approach. – MED/42 – Annamaria Colacci;
  • Risk communication and Presentation of case studies. Synthesis of the scientific evidence. – MED/42 – Paola Angelini


Number of participants: min 20 max 40
Duration: one week
Language: English
Deadline for applications: 4th May 2021
Deadline for registration: from 14 th May 2021 to 28th May 2021





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