Migrations and the Future of the Euro-Mediterranean Relationships for the Project of a New Partnership

Palazzo Verdi, Aula Gershevitch, Via G. Pasolini 23, Ravenna

Thursday, 26th  May 2016

h. 9.30

Ibrahim Awad (American University – Cairo)
Logic and Attitudes towards Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Space

Alessandro Romagnoli (University of Bologna)
Beyond migration: from the co-development to the co-evolution for the future of Euro-Mediterranean

Erhan Dogan (Marmara University – Istanbul)
Where are we headed: A Common Mediterranean Space or a Mediterranean Union?

Gustavo Gozzi (University of Bologna)Perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Relationships after the Arab Spring

h. 14.30

Bachir Hamdouch (Université Mohamed V – Rabat)
L’avenir des migrations et du partenariat euroméditerranéen: une perspective à partir du
sud de la méditerranée

Marco Borraccetti (University of Bologna)
A new/old challenge for the EU migration policy: between a new management of borders and the
idea of human mobility

Massimiliano Trentin (University of Bologna)
Stability, Change and Disarray. An historical overview on the EU facing the Arab Mediterranean

Annalisa Furia (University of Bologna)
The right to have rights. Arendt’s lessons for a
new public discourse on migration

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