Punto Ristoro (ENG)

We’ll be back on the 12th of September!

Punto Ristoro is a space inside ‘Palazzo dei Congressi’ where the students of the Ravenna Campus can meet, eat and interact with each other.

The spaces of  Punto Ristoro are equipped to allow the students to warm up their meal brought from home or bought in a nearby store. It has ten tables with forty chairs total, two microwaves, and three vending machines with snacks and beverage.

Moreover, the space is designed to foster socialization and encounter with other students. Here is possible to stop for a talk, read a newspaper, listen to music, surf on the internet, and relax between classes. To this end, the room is supplied with some sofas, a tv, a stereo with a speaker system, free wi-fi network and, newspapers and magazines that are updated periodically. There’s also a corner part of the ‘Booksharing project’, learn more about it here.

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm

It’s possible to access Punto Ristoro from the students’ square (inside Palazzo Corradini).