Sport (ENG)


Every year Fondazione Flaminia supports the activities of the CUSB of Ravenna.


The main mission of CUSB is that of spread and enlarge the physical activity through the promotion of sports, both at a beginner and advanced level, in all the university campuses of Bologna and the territory (Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, and Rimini). The targets of this initiative are varied: from kids to elderly people, from beginners to professional athletes, from students of primary schools to University students.
The programs for the development of physical activity within the universities are:

  • the promotion and enhancement of the sporting practice, to encourage the participation of the largest number of university students;
  • the organization of beginners and advanced training courses in various disciplines, as well as competitive activities of a university nature within Italian Sports Federations.
  • participation in competitive activities at local, regional, national and international level, both within the university teams and within the teams of the Federations, after ascertaining the aptitudes and specific preparation of each individual student.


CUSB Ravenna organizes courses and tournaments dedicated to students, and has activated numerous agreements with gyms, sports centers, and sport associations.

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