City of Teodora – (Who) Run the world

di Betül Mahmure Onaran

Making grand generalizations is always dangerous. I am about to do something dangerous: I love the word of the year for 2017!

Since Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2017 has been declared as “feminism”; I was reflecting on the many amazing women in my life living in Turkey, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, the USA… in short: on this lonely blue home we call Earth.

From the courageous struggles of the generations that took a stance against inequality, to witness simple and random acts of selflessness at home, kindness and encouragement at a work place, to dedicating a time and effort to make someone else’s voice to be heard loud and clear I have been privileged to witness many different versions of women’s solidarity. This is not different in my life in Ravenna.

From the beauty of working with these astonishing women in Fondazione Flaminia to sharing an apartment with my lovely (slightly crazy) housemates, life is pretty sweet as described by the famous film.
My crazy autumn and winter here in Ravenna was full of cool events and activities where I collaborated with and learned from amazing women who thrive to achieve excellence.

From the mid-term assessment of my EVS project in Vitorchiano and the crazy days of the Orientation Days with hundreds of young students visiting the Campus of Ravenna to Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival or at our sacred mission to promote and inform the youngsters of Ravenna about the Erasmus+ opportunities… I had the privilege to work with some cool ladies. (And to be honest some very cool gentlemen, I am not neglecting them!) This my way of saying thank you…

Franca Rame

Many unpleasant and not so much surprising news we witnessed once again in 2017 from all over the world, showed once how important it is to be heard, to be supported by a community, like an invisible and often silent army. This particular moment of my life I am lucky enough to say the army that surrounds me is neither invisible nor silent. This was one of my main themes in 2017 in Ravenna.

Alda Merini

You sometimes get depressed when you only focus on the inequalities and the never-ending struggle. But thinking about the main positive influences in my life leads me to appreciate the moments where I found inspiration, support, comfort, solutions; with the amazing women in my life.
And we dedicate this first blog post of 2018and the playlist below to the courageous and wonderful women in our lives.

Teodora in the City:
Foto credit: @ mentolina18 @lorelai_23


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